Ancient Coin AC farm? where to get AC quickly?

Lambos is a spirit that can be found on top of the ship in the area. He drops various LV44 green accessories such as Lambos’s Diamond and Sapphire Rings/Earrings. His best drop so far will be the LV44 blue Boatswain’s Headband. Kaidan Mine This area is littered with LV28-30 elites and non-elites. The best stuff you can get from grinding them would be worthy greater fluxes, random LV28 stigmas, LV29 green Mirage weapons or shield, white Patriot’s armors, green LV27 Pit armors or LV30 Pit helms. Summoner Klacha is one of the named mobs deep inside the eastern part of the mine. Kantu is another mini-boss inside the mine that may drop a blue LV29 Outrider’s Jerkin, as well as a LV29 green Kantu’s Earring. Hulking Kurins have been reported to drop a LV25 gold Descendant’s armor and a gold LV25 Authority weapon.

  • The details on these new Manastones are not known at this time.
  • Like manastones, removed godstones are lost forever so you may want to carefully consider the weapon where you’ll attach your valuable godstone.
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  • There will be several campaign quest objectives that can be done here but I won’t be discussing those in detail in this guide.
  • Wasteland Drakes can also drop Drake Bones, which in turn can be crafted for LV27 green Wyvern Chain Helm, Wyvern Helm, Wyvern Jewel and Wyvern Sword.

Even if you didn’t score a blue, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of LV20 “Black Claw Chieftain” green weapons fit for every class as well as LV18 green “Mau” head gears. Calderon Hill The Big Cargo Boxes are only available near the shore, at the foot of the hill. The boxes that float on the water can be destroyed instantly while the ones partially submerged contain mobs that you need to defeat. You can only get one green manastone (Parry +19) from them and all types of lesser/minor fluxes. Long Neck Peckus are also a good mob to hunt while you’re on this hill.

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However, this will depend on the volume of people in the area; this place is so remote that not many people converge here even during peak hours. Be warned though since ordinary Grove Abexes will aid the Fauron when attacked. It is recommended to have a good stock of Wind Serums when you’re planning to spend some time gathering these odes. Low level odes can be found in lower altitudes while higher level odes will require you to fly higher, thus further increasing the difficulty and risk of gathering it. Before gathering, always look for a safe landing place that you can immediately land on when gathering. The face in Figure C is a better shape and more expressive and the more prominent dolphins play an important role in balancing the posture of the neck and offset necklace. Of the two companion reverses, showing a quadriga and Nike, the one signed by Kimo (Tudeer die R.53) is altogether more accomplished and spirited than the other (R.54), raising doubts if he engraved both dies.. Among the master engravers towards the end of the fifth century BC who were allowed to sign their dies, none surpassed Kimon. Her gaze attracts the observer, quite unlike a head shown in profile. The eyes, often a problem in sculpture, emit a palpable wistfulness.
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You can also hotlink quests, if you want let the other players know that you’re selling the required materials/items for that quest. LFG Channel This channel is used for players that are looking for potential members or looking for available groups to join in Group quests or grinding. This is the quickest way of finding temporary allies for quests, rifting, raiding, boss fights and many more. Add this to the 600 you get from doing quests in Idian Depths, in your first week on a brand new character you can get over 1400 ancient coins. This, combined with the fact that unlike Kahrun, you can BUY the ancient coins make Ancient coin gear an ACTUAL possibility for regular players without billions of kinah to spend. Tahabata Pyrelord is the ultimate boss of this instance that can only be fought if your team managed to obtain an S-rank during your run.

Aion 4 0 Godstone Crafting

If you plan to farm greens from this unique beast, you should be patient since it respawns after a few minutes; not to mention other players that may be also hunting it. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide will have a “+” sign before its name with the number indicating its enchantment level. After extracting an equipment, there will be times that you’ll need to make a decision to sell the stone or to use it instead. If you really need some kinah, of course selling your enchantment stones are your best bet. Just remember to check the current marker/trade broker price of the enchantment stone before selling it. The prices of enchantment stones will of course, depend by level.
This include the body armor pieces to complete the LV44 blue Shulack Pirate’s armor set. He also drops LV44 green Grogget’s head gears for every class. The best things you can possibly get from him would be the LV44 gold Grogget’s weapons. All of her gold weapon drops are tradeable, making it possible to farm her over a span of time to get valuable gears to equip or sell.

While decent loot can and does drop off the trash mobs, many people reach the point that they only want to focus on a boss run and ignore everything else possible. Anuhart Legionary’s gloves/gauntlets which are part of the Anuhart Legionary armor set. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide item, you may trade/ sell it to other players that may need the quest. The chanter’s main offensive strengths lie on their knockdown, stuns and other proc chances, which is further complemented by high critical hit probabilities.

Read more about antshares exchange here. Gray Mane Stalkers may drop a Night Sky Tome and Aldelle’s Chain Greaves. Gray Mane Stalkers may drop a LV9 tome, a very nice upgrade for mages or something you can sell through your private store for good kinah. You can also get another LV7 green chain greaves from them as well. Gray Mane Scratchers also have a couple of greens to drop (Night Sky Sword and Aldelle’s Leather Shoes) in addition to some manastones. Ishalgen Prison Camp LV 6-8 Follow the road northeast from the outpost to reach the Prison Camp. There will be several campaign quest objectives that can be done here but I won’t be discussing those in detail in this guide.
HP and Shield Block manastones will increase the cleric’s survivability against physical and magical attacks, giving them more time to heal themselves and their allies. Some clerics however will opt to stack HP manastones only, giving them a massive HP boost that further helps their survivability in group or solo battles. Raw materials can be a good source of steady, low/average income. In demand materials such as metals , aether and gems can be sold in bulk or per quest requirement. You can start selling high level materials since not all people have the patience to increase their extraction level. P.S – I did some math, comparing this set with the Invasion and normal Ancient Coin set for MS; potentially, this one has a higher end result, assuming you use maxed out expanded stat manastones. You can either spend 20 BM to obtain 30 AC which is 82.5k per BM.

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When it’s +5 enchanted, it has stats comparable to +13 mythic weapons without the headache and stress of enchanting past +10. It’s an extremely good starter weapon and the best you’ll get if you don’t plan to get mythic weapons anytime soon. Although only repeatable 20 times, the coin quest Death to the Queen available inside Taloc’s is a quick way to stock up on mithril coins for personal use or sale. After killing Kinquid, you have a very short time to run out on the branch and talk to Hyas. Don’t think you can keep him indefinitely by opening the quest dialogue — he will disappear while you are speaking to him… These runs are often considered money-maker runs and are factored into a Daeva’s wealth portfolio.
aion ancient coin vendor
It only drops a handful of stuff, such as LV36 green Araxia’s Belt or Shield, and a LV36 green material item called Eldritch Amethyst. The latter can be used for crafting LV36 greens such as Amethyst Chain Helm, Amethyst Helm, Amethyst Jewel and Eldritch Amethyst Necklace. The Eldritch Amethyst can also be farmed from the normal malekors in the area. Upon defeat, he may drop various LV40 blue Bitter Ice items such as earrings, Jewel, Necklace, Ring and Tome. He also has the chance to drop LV40 gold Ice Storm helmets for random classes. It also drops a LV40 blue material item called Sever Cold Crystal that is being used for crafting LV40/ 285p blue items such as Bitter Ice Longbow, Bitter Ice Necklace, Bitter Ice Shoes and Bitter Ice Headband. Sprigg Habitat Bluehide Monitors and Snapping Potcrabs are found near the small river past the wooden bridge. You can get LV22 green Revenge and LV27 Sura’s armor from them, as well as white Tundra items. Firefly Sparkies are also known to drop LV23 blue Fate armors, Worthy weapon and accessory fluxes, as well as possible Revenge, Sura’s and Betrayer’s green item drops and Tundra white item drops. Flourescent Sparkies drops LV24 green Infamous weapons in addition to the possible item and equipment drops listed for Firefly Sparkies.

Coin Exchange

Patema Ruins Mobs here have the chance to drop LV40-50 Manastones, Major Elemental Stones, Fine Power Shards, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert/Master Superb fluxes, Tough Rawhides and random designs. On very rare occassions, LV38 blue Justice armors, LV39 blue Justice accessories or even LV40 blue Justice weapons may drop from them as well. Dishella is a named mudthorn that can that roams the swamps north of the ruins. It has the chance drop various LV41 accessories including the green Dishella’s Ruby Earrings, Dishella’s Sapphire Earrings, Dishella’s Ruby Ring and Sapphire Ring. The best drop that you can get from it would be the LV41 gold belt called Dishella’s Stem. The only challenge is finding this mob since it has a random spawn time. The Storm Circle Mobs here have the chance to drop LV40-50 Manastones, Major Elemental Stones, Fine Power Shards, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert/Master Superb fluxes, Tough Rawhides and random designs. Random LV43 blue Luminary armors, LV44 blue Luminary accessories or LV45 Luminary weapons can be dropped by these mobs as well though the drop-rate is abyssmally low.
The details on these new Manastones are not known at this time. There are four available Godstone crafting recipes available purchase from a special shugo NPC vendor located in the depths of Underground Katalam. Recipes must be purchased with ancient coins, which are accumulated by questing and doing instances in the area. Also, Danuar Mysticarium, which is available in Katalam during the same time as dredge, has chests which reward AC. Linkgate Foundry is a must-run since there is a repeatable quest which rewards 20 AC, and the boss drops AC as well as a random ancient manastone. For the ancient coin gears, you can purchase the base (orange/eternal) gears from the shugos over in Enshar. They are located on the west side of the map in Whirlpool Temple. After you have purchased those, you can then buy the morph designs from the NPC in Norsvold; his name is Teyar and he is inside the Materials Shop room. Then you can morph your orange/eternal AC gears into the purple/mythic versions — called Remodeled Danuar.
You can also sell these scrolls in far away locations with no flight transporters. Enable the option to view the mobs’ names Toggle the game option to display/show the mobs’ names so you can easily spot named mobs or bosses you’re hunting. It is a lot easier than manually clicking on the mobs to check their names. Besides, some of the named mobs and mini-bosses in the game look exactly like their normal counterparts so it will a good way of spotting them from a distance. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Chieftain Chantara is a full-dot, normal mob that may drop various LV43 green weapons when defeated. The weapons you can possibly get would be Chantara’s Dagger, Sword, Tome or Warhammer. Aside from that, you can aslo obtain Chantara’s Earrings or the LV42 green material item called Mau Soul Crystal. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Rusty Scale Shalba is a named mob located in the area that drops LV47 green pauldrons that are part of the Brusthonin Plate, Chain, Leather and Cloth sets. It also has the chance to drop LV47 green Shalba’s Belt and Leather Belt, as well as a LV47 green Shalba’s Greatsword. Fortress of Spirits Weary Fidelio is a named elyos spirit that randomly spawns in the Fortress of Spirits.

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