How to Book a Wedding Caterer: Locking in a date

How to Book a Wedding Caterer: Locking in a date

The Wedding Caterer’s Booking Process: How to Lock in a Date

Planning your wedding and finding a good wedding caterer can be a Herculean task.
You have way too many orders to place, too many services to call,
and in-laws that’s making you double guess the whole damn thing (just kidding).
Here’s a quick overview of the whole booking process!

Contacting your caterer

Of course, the first thing you gotta do first is call up your wedding caterer.
We ask for your wedding date, venue, the estimated number of guests, and your preferred menu type.

One important side note: Peak months are from September to November, and February to March.
If your wedding hits any of these months, calling in earlier the better! Menu rates stay the same.

Food confirmation

Once the schedule is all cleared out, you’re free to provide a specific list of food preferences.
You should also include any dietary restrictions as early as now, to avoid wedding disasters later!

Locale Kitchen chefs usually scout the market a week before your wedding date.
They make sure that fresh food and ingredients are available for your menu,
as some items might not be available due to the season.
This is why we only confirm your food options 7 days before the event. 

In the case an ingredient is not available, you will be informed of an alternative right away.

Either way, our chefs go through each item in your menu, making sure everything is as delightful and equally tasty!

Deposits and Refunds

Once you’ve confirmed a date, Locale Kitchen will ask for a 30% deposit, while the rest will be paid a week before the event.
If it so happens you want to cancel with us, we’d hate to see you go!
But out of the kindness in our hearts, (and our official company policy hehe), you can get the full 30% refunded back.

However, cancellation must be done 3 months before the event. Any time later and the deposit will not be returned.

If you’ve got any more questions, concerns, even violent reactions, feel free to contact us here at Locale Kitchen!

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