Pop-up Food Cart for your Office Christmas Party

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An office Christmas party is a great way to end the year and increase overall morale in the office!
For smaller office spaces and a friendlier budget, consider Locale Kitchen’s pop-up food cart, coffee carts, and bar stations.
Read on to find out more about these compact catering stations for your office.


Pop Up Food Cart

With quality ingredients and a customizable menu, the pop-up food cart saves you tons of space.
Instead of renting tables, chairs, and event space, a pop-up cart can be set up on your office floor.
These are ideal for offices with around 25 to 60 people! 

Locale Kitchen’s pop-up food cart is as fully functional as an actual kitchen.
Your guests can specify their dietary requirements two weeks prior to the event.
Additionally, they can also request off-menu items. 

Coffee Cart

The coffee cart is sure to fulfill your coffee cravings.
But the coffee cart also serves as a beverage booth where fresh-pressed fruit juices and milkshakes are available!
This coffee cart is going to keep your office refreshed, energized, and ready for the holiday spirit. 

Bar Station

What’s a party without a little booze?
The bar offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and is sure to get everyone in the ‘season to be jolly!’
Locale Kitchen has a comprehensive beverage list, but you can get creative and request some Christmas-themed drinks. 

The Christmas Party package starts at $25 per person with four menu options.
Each cart will be set up at different stations around your office or venue.
Well-trained staff and culinary professionals will man each station to make sure all food and drink are of the highest quality.
Contact Locale Kitchen now and
lock in a date for your Christmas party!

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