Ukrainian Bridal Custom

A crimson rushnyk-embroidered towel is one of the most significant customs in Ukrainian weddings. It symbolizes beauty and hope for the future. During the ceremony, the bride and groom action on it. The person who first steps on it is referred to as the family’s mind Traditionally, before the couple walks on it, one of the mothers ( or godmothers ) spreads it on the floor.

A classic Ukrainian bride group typically occurs two or three days before the service. The women had the opportunity to sew periwinkles, plant ceremony trees, and perform depressing folk songs during this time. Currently, these parties frequently include visiting a evening club as well.

Before the formal church relationship service, the groom may visit his future in- laws to “ransom” his wife. He was accompanied by his parents and other male friends who presented scarves and rushnyk to the intended women. He next bargained with the Bride’s home, asking questions and receiving items in transfer. The vicar’s family may even try to substitute other ladies for the Bride until he paid a ransom.

Numerous attendees who toast to the honeymooners during the welcome give sandwiches to them. Every toast ends with the word”hirko,” which means “bitter,” indicating that the newlyweds should love because love you sweeten the bitter things in life. Additionally, the few beverages from a chalice of wine as a sign of their federation and wishing them good fortune in the future.

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