Are Food Carts for my Engagement Party Ideal?

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Food carts for your engagement party are fun, informal and a great way to feed and entertain your guests! With a food cart, there’s an unlimited supply of freshly served food for everybody. Read on for more details about Locale Kitchen’s engagement party food cart.


A food cart for my engagement party?

Hear us out, food carts for engagement parties aren’t the craziest idea in the world! A lot of couples are going for this more laid-back, casual party vibe. For vibrant couples, it just fits their personalities and their relationship with their guests.


Just because the food isn’t served banquet style doesn’t mean it tastes any less! Locale Kitchen has an exemplary menu that you can customize to fit your party’s theme! Choose from freshly made po boys and buns, Mexicano delicacies, bite-sized fried snacks, and tasty chips! Combine a little bit of all of them starting at $35.00 per person.


How will the food be served?

Our experienced chefs make sure there is always food available, guests can grab a dish or two as they pass by. This means all the food that’s passed around is freshly cooked and prepared! Also, LK serves food in biodegradable plates and packaging.


Food carts are known for bringing a fun, almost childlike vibe to any party. It’s compact, it’s environment-friendly and it’s got top-of-the-line food! Enjoy the night with your friends and with a tasty snack on hand – that’s a Locale Kitchen guarantee.


Does it take long to book?

Not at all! Contact a Locale Kitchen representative today to book a date and a venue. Clarify your menu and some dietary restrictions right away, too! We’ll confirm your menu two weeks before the set date to make sure that all ingredients are freshly available in the market, otherwise, we’ll suggest alternatives!

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