5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Catering

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Going a step further to personalize your wedding will truly elevate your special day!
Customizing your event design, catering, and even cutleries can add a unique touch to one of the most amazing days of your life.
No more cookie-cutter weddings! Here are our tips for that one-of-a-kind day.


Elevate your tableware

Locale Kitchen doesn’t provide tableware, but that’s to give you room to fully customize your dining experience!
Coordinate with your event designer the kind of plating and cutleries you want for your long table menu.

Select unique lounge furniture

Lounge furniture has become must-haves at receptions.
If you’re planning a stand-up event, having seating for your guests to lounge on is one way to keep them happy!
If you can, customize your furniture with personalized throw pillows.

Choose a meaningful menu

We say this all the time, but a menu must make sense with your personality.
You can ask Locale Kitchen for a vamped-up version of your favorite comfort foods or your favorite home-cooked meals.
But, most importantly, the menu needs to reflect you and your partner’s qualities!
If you two are laid back, it wouldn’t make sense to have a stuffy or seated dinner.
Going for a stand-up menu might be the best choice for you.

Have a cocktail named after you!

Request your bartender to make a special drink named after the two of you,
with a unique recipe that matches you and your partner’s history.
Maybe you already have a recipe that the two of you can share, now all it needs is a unique name!

Have more than a cake

The cake isn’t the only wedding dessert you can serve!
Surely you’d want the wedding cake to be the centerpiece to a fine night of dining,
but you can still serve your guests the taste of your sweetest memories.
If you’re moviegoers, why not have salted caramel popcorn?
Or if you go on frequent gelato dates, go ahead and offer your guests some too! 

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